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Title: "The New Girl"
Word Count: 3,465
Notes: I'd probably suggest reading this one after like, a week... Since that's how long it usually takes me to stop tinkering with most of my work (in one case, over a month!) So why even bother posting in the first place? I dunno, to prove that I'm still alive? Okay, I'll admit it... I killed Aaron off in order not to deal with the trial stuff! TECHNOLOGY IN GENERAL IS EEEEEVIL AND OH MY GOD I MISSED THAT EMMY IDOL THING!!! By the way, there's actually scenes *without* Veronica this time around... I keep forgetting that scripts shouldn't be limited to a first-person perspective!

Open with Veronica and Logan staring at each other on his yacht.

VERONICA: Remember when you invited me on a date to Catalina?

She takes his hand.

VERONICA: Let's go.

LOGAN: You mean now?

VERONICA: Sure, why not?

LOGAN: Well, for one thing... We've got school tomorrow.

She smiles sadly at him.

VERONICA: Yeah, you're right. And it's a little late, anyways. I'd better get some beauty sleep... God knows I could use it!

LOGAN: Listen, Veronica...

VERONICA: It's okay. I understand.

She painstakingly shuts the door behind her as Logan watches in silence. Then he takes out a bottle of liquor from a nearby cabinet and swigs it down. The focus gradually gets increasingly hazy as the room starts to spin. Then it abruptly stops.

LILLY'S VOICE: We've got school tomorrow?

He groans aloud.

LOGAN: This can't be happening.

She plunks down on the couch next to him.

LILLY: Could you possibly be any lamer?

He lets out a snort.

LOGAN: Wow, I must be pretty damn drunk.

LILLY: To be fair... when haven't you been?

LOGAN: Yup, that's definitely the booze talking.

LILLY: Either that, or you're the next Haley Joel Osment... I see dead people, whoo!

LOGAN: So what are you doing here? Or should I say, why has my imagination suddenly decided to dredge you up?

LILLY: Isn't it obvious? You want Veronica. She wants you. And yet, you're too much of an idiot to do anything about it.

LOGAN: I'd rather not be taking any romantic advice from you, if it that's okay. Subconscious speaking or not.

She huffs in frustration.

LILLY: Here I am, trying to atone for my sins and getting nothing but sarcasm.

LOGAN: We wouldn't be having this problem if you hadn't cheated on me in the first place. With my FATHER, of all people! Guess I simply wasn't enough for you, huh?

LILLY: Oh, Logan... I only did it to get back at you for kissing Yolanda. A bit extreme I'll admit, but somehow things got a little too far.

LOGAN: How do you explain Weevil then? Never mind... I'd rather not get the details, thanks.

She shrugs her shoulders.

LILLY: That's your prerogative. But remember what I said... It won't be long before she finally gets over your pig-headedness and moves on. Hell, she might even get back with Duncan... And lord knows they're no good together!

LOGAN: Where's your sense of loyalty? Oh right, you don't have any. But that's your...

He rolls his eyes.

LOGAN: ...WAS your brother.

LILLY: She's changed just as much as you have, if not more... After all, you weren't the one who hacked off nearly two feet of hair! Duncan's kinda remained stagnant. It's not his fault... Mommy and Daddy keep sheltering him, like they always do. So, you see? You're her very last hope.

Cut to Veronica and Wallace entering the school.

WALLACE: Thanks for the ride. You know with all the time our parents spend together, they might as well move in.

VERONICA: Blasphemy! And I thought you were averse to bunk beds.

WALLACE: Well, I'm sick of commuting back and...

He spies a stunning Oriental girl.

WALLACE: Damn, who's that? Oh my god... This must be what it feels like to fall in love!

VERONICA: Careful now, what about Georgia? I thought you two had a long-distance thing.

WALLACE: Naw, we're pen pals. In fact, she's even dating some big college man now... Be still, my beating heart!

He dramatically clutches at his chest.

WALLACE: Oh no, where's she going? Crap! Hey, Veronica... Would you happen to take French?

VERONICA: Nope. But Logan does.

OPENING CREDITS: "A long time ago... We used to be friends, but I... Haven't thought of you lately at all... Come on now, sugar... Bring it on, bring it on yeah... Just remember me when... We used to be friends, a long time ago... We used to be friends, yeah..." COMMERCIAL: "One hundred percent, absolutely free vacations! You only have to pay for transportation, accommodations, and meals (all of which are completely optional!) Offer ends soon!"

The entire class is raptly at attention, especially the male half.

TEACHER: Please give our newest student here a warm welcome. I only hope our curriculum won't be too advanced for you, Jacqueline.

JACQUELINE: Merci beaucoup, madame. Mais j'avais parlé français depuis que je suis née.

They are all caught offguard.

TEACHER: Ah... oui. Why don't you take a seat over in the back, by Logan there.

Cut to Dick, Casey, and Luke whispering excitedly.

DICK: Man, I KNEW we should've taken that corner! Oh well, it's a good thing I didn't take Spanish instead.

LUKE: You do know that you're failing, right?

DICK: What do I care about grades? My parents can do what they did with my sister and like, donate a hall or something.

CASEY: Yeah... except at the ones that matter!

Dick glares at him. Cut to Jacqueline watching Logan as he sketches.

JACQUELINE: That's very nice. What mediums are you using there?

He looks up, startled.

LOGAN: Pencil and ink, mostly.

JACQUELINE: You should try charcoal. It's darker than graphite and blends pretty smoothly. Though it can be a bitch to work with.

He grins at her.

LOGAN: So I take it you're an artist then?

JACQUELINE: More like a dilettante of sorts. I could show you some of my work, if you're interested?

LOGAN: I'd like that.

They smile at each other. Cut to Veronica eating lunch while Wallace (along with many other boys) stares intently at Jacqueline, who is alone at a nearby table.

VERONICA: Didn't we try this routine last week, only the other way around?

WALLACE: I should go say hi... You know, be all friendly-like. I remember how tough it was, trying to fit in.

VERONICA: And here I thought getting duct-taped to a flagpole would make a GREAT ice-breaker!

He glares at her.

VERONICA: Or... not. So what's stopping you from making an introduction?


Cut to Dick, Casey and Luke plopping down in front of her.

DICK: Have you been enjoying America so far?

JACQUELINE: It's the stuff dreams are made of. Running water, edible food, free enterprise... What more could an immigrant like me want?

CASEY: Let me apologize for my friend Dick here. Rather fitting, isn't it?

Dick glares at him.

DICK: As for my buddy Casey... Well, you could also call a chick that. So tell me, what do your parents do?

JACQUELINE: They're both dead.

He makes a grimace.

DICK: Oh. Sorry about that.

JACQUELINE: It's okay. A family friend took me in, so here I am!

LUKE: I have to ask... Are you like, a model or something?

The other boys groan loudly.

DICK: Way to go, dumbass!

CASEY: Yeah, real smooth!

JACQUELINE: Hey, your buddy here's even prettier than I am.

DICK: Which one?

Luke rolls his eyes.

LUKE: I don't think the Owen Wilson look qualifies as pretty.

Dick punches him on the arm.

DICK: Shut up, Jungle 2 Jungle!

CASEY: Now, now. There's no need to fight over me!

The four of them burst out laughing. Weevil and his gang show up.

WEEVIL: Are these punks bothering you, miss?

JACQUELINE: No, I don't believe so.

WEEVIL: If they do, feel free to come to me. I'll take care of it.

JACQUELINE: I have to go by the office anyways, but thanks for the kind offer...


JACQUELINE: I'll be sure to keep it in mind. Au revoir!

They all watch her leave as one.

DICK'S VOICE: You mean, that's his real name?

Cut to Jacqueline reading on a bench. Logan enters, sees her and does a double-take.

LOGAN: So we meet again.

JACQUELINE: Hello to you, too. I'm astonished by how friendly people are here!

He smirks at her.

LOGAN: You don't say.

JACQUELINE: It's a little overwhelming. I needed to take a breather, and what better place to do so than the library?

LOGAN: Ah, that explains it.

She digs around in her bag.

JACQUELINE: Oh, I've got my portfolio now. Wanna take a look?

She hands it to him and his jaw drops as he flips through it.

LOGAN: Were you just humoring me before? Because these look freaking professional.

She blushes becomingly.

JACQUELINE: Oh, they're nothing special. Just your run-of-the-mill watercolors and oil-based pastels.

LOGAN: I suck at painting. Somehow, I always end up with uniformly brown globs each and every time.

She giggles daintily.

JACQUELINE: I could give you some pointers, if you'd like.

LOGAN: Out of all the things I need tutoring in, never thought it would end up being this.

They laugh in unison.

LOGAN: How about tonight then?

JACQUELINE: Sure, around eight-ish?

LOGAN: Sounds good.

JACQUELINE: It's a date.

He is completely taken aback.

COMMERCIAL: "Staying home on a weekend? What a loser! Or you could call our party line and talk to all sorts of attractive people! Guaranteed! Well, not really."

Logan and Jacqueline are on his yacht, shooting pool.

LOGAN: So you're an orphan, huh?

She makes her shot.

JACQUELINE: More or less.

LOGAN: Well, I kinda am too.

She glances over at him.

JACQUELINE: Is that why you're camped out here?

LOGAN: More or less.

He laughs mirthlessly.

LOGAN: My father's in jail and my mother faked her own death.

Her jaw drops.

JACQUELINE: I... I'm sorry to hear that.

LOGAN: But I pretty much know how you feel.

She touches his arm.

JACQUELINE: Yeah, I guess you do.

Cut to Keith eating an apple. The door starts to rattle and as he inches closer, it opens.

KEITH: ...Lianne? What the hell are you doing here?

LIANNE: I just wanted to get the rest of my stuff.

KEITH: Why didn't you call first?

LIANNE: Well, I wanted to avoid... this. I thought you'd be at your office by now?

KEITH: I was running a few errands and stopped to get lunch. So you're finally back in town now, huh?

LIANNE: Only temporarily. Please don't make a big deal out of it. Veronica's right, you two have obviously moved on with your lives and the last thing you need is for me to mess it up again.

KEITH: You've seen Veronica?

LIANNE: I, I should go. Listen, Keith... you deserve to be happy. Even if it means with another woman.

She turns away.

LIANNE: But it's too much for me to stand around and watch, okay? I've signed the papers, they're in the mail.

She smiles through a haze of tears.

LIANNE: Give Veronica my best wishes and love. You know you've always had mine.

She leaves and he stares after her. Cut to Jacqueline at her locker. She is suddenly accosted by Sabrina, Madison, and their crew.

SABRINA: I've been valedictorian ever since I got here. How did YOU manage to usurp my title?

JACQUELINE: Ever hear of a little something called International Baccalaureate? No? Well, it just happens to be a step above Advanced Placement.

SABRINA: You're lying!

JACQUELINE: 6.0 scale, baby.

MADISON: Let's go, girls. At least WE didn't arrive here by raft.

JACQUELINE: I took a plane, thanks.

MADISON: That's right, now there are international aid charities to take pity on all those pathetic orphans by...

Jacqueline instantly backhands her.

MADISON: Why, you little...

She moves to retaliate and Jacqueline grabs her hand in a lightning-fast motion.

JACQUELINE: As you have pointed out repeatedly, I am of Asian descent. And being so, I am naturally proficient in the martial arts. So are you sure you'd like to continue this?

Madison backs away, aghast.

JACQUELINE: That's what I thought.

Cut to Wallace and Veronica at a lunchtable.

WALLACE: And then she did some kind of... ninjitsu move on Madison Sinclair. Man, you shoulda been there.

VERONICA: Sounds like it.

WALLACE: Hell, you could have gotten that stuff on tape... Sold it on pay-per-view!

VERONICA: There goes another missed opportunity.

WALLACE: However, she seemed to hit it off pretty well with the 09-er guys. Especially Logan.

She gives him her full attention.

VERONICA: What makes you say that?

WALLACE: Well, she was like... over at his place the other day. So I heard.

He sighs in resignation.

WALLACE: Too bad she only associates with the rich and beautiful people. Other than that, the girl is just... impossibly perfect.

VERONICA: Exactly. She's gotta be hiding something.

COMMERCIAL: "Hey, fatso! You desperately need our product! It's either a bottle of pills or some kind of barbaric device, I'm not exactly sure which. But you must buy it! Now! Or risk being hopelessly depressed for the rest of your natural life, which you have undoubtedly shortened!"

Veronica is busy perusing through several files on her desk.

VOICEOVER: None of the schools on her transcript show up anywhere on Google. I suppose there's a very slim chance that those areas simply didn't have internet access. But then again, how could they manage to offer IB credit? It just doesn't add up.

Cut to Keith entering a fancy building.

KEITH: Inga! Good to see you, as always.

INGA: And you as well! What brings you here today?

KEITH: I've decided to run for sheriff again, so I'll be needing the necessary forms.

INGA: That is wonderful news! You'll certainly have my vote.

KEITH: Why, thank you. I could use the support.

INGA: In fact, I'll be happy to work for you! Unlike that, that... your successor. He's made quite a muck out of things.

KEITH: So I've heard.

INGA: And after the horrible way he treated Veronica...

KEITH: What?

She blanches.

INGA: I'm sorry, you'll have to ask her about it.

Cut to Veronica in Journalism. She walks by Jacqueline and casually knocks over the latter's stuff.

VERONICA: Oops, clumsy me! Sorry about that.

JACQUELINE: It's no problem.

She surreptitiously plants a bug as she helps Jacqueline pick up.

VERONICA: There we go.

Jacqueline smiles shyly at her.

JACQUELINE: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Veronica wears a look of chagrin. Cut to her ringing a doorbell. An extremely attractive man opens up.

VERONICA: Well... hi! Is Jacqueline here?

REALLY HOT GUY: Jacque...? Oh no, she's not here right now.

VERONICA: She'd left behind one of her textbooks in class, so I'm just here to return it. There's a big assignment due, so I thought she might be needing it.

He chuckles bemusedly.

REALLY HOT GUY: Is that so? How very kind of you.

VERONICA: Say I know this is a weird question, but are you guys related by any chance?

He scratches his chin in confusion.

REALLY HOT GUY: Hmm, is that what she said?

VERONICA: I think she mentioned something about staying with her aunt...

REALLY HOT GUY: Oh, yeah. They're out shopping, I think.

The phone rings, much to his relief.

REALLYY HOT GUY: Well, I'd better get that. It was nice meeting you...


They shake hands.

REALLY HOT GUY: Jason. I'll tell her that you stopped by.

VOICEOVER: So I guess that rules him out as the "family friend" then.

Cut to her typing on a computer.

VOICEOVER: However, this particular estate isn't listed being rented out to either him or Jacqueline. I for one find that highly curious.

COMMERCIAL: "Need to buy a house, buddy? Old Gil here can get you a great price! All I'm asking is a measly five percent commission. Whaddya say, pal? How about four percent then? Three, are you out of your mind? Come on, I've got a wife and three kids to support! No, don't leave! Okay, I'll settle for two. You're gonna hafta fix up that roof yourself, though. Oh, why'd I go and say that? Pull yourself together, man! Just shut up and close the deal!"

Keith casually saunters into Lamb's office

KEITH: So I was picking up some paperwork down at city hall...

LAMB: What for?

KEITH: Let's say I've been a little dissatisfied with the way things have been handled around here. Anyways, I ran into Inga and...

LAMB: Listen, if this is about petty revenge or something... I'm telling you, there simply wasn't enough evidence for me to prosecute.

KEITH: What the hell are you talking about?

LAMB: Your daughter's alleged rape.

Cut to Veronica catching up to Jacqueline outside her house.

VERONICA: Hello, Jacqueline. Or should I say, Kristen?

KRISTEN: Ah, you haven't lived until you've been busted by the one and only Veronica Mars. Accept no substitutes! Well, at least I can drive my car again. There's always a silver lining.

VERONICA: Why'd you do it? That's the part I haven't quite figured out yet.

KRISTEN: I was... god, the biggest loser back then. The hassling got so bad that I just gave up and decided to take the rest of my classes by correspondence. This was my chance to finally experience you know, prom, graduation, scholarships... all of the things that I never got the chance to.

VERONICA: You're kidding me.

KRISTEN: It's amazing what LASIK, porcelain veneers, a personal trainer and lots of money can do for you.

They both chuckle lightly.

KRISTEN: One day I kinda got sick of being an ad exec and decided to retire early. And I turned on the tv and Never Been Kissed just happened to be playing, so I figured it was a sign.

VERONICA: Where'd you get that Social Security card... eBay?

KRISTEN: No, even better. I took a trip overseas and stayed there for awhile. Greased a few palms, just in case. Who's to say I wasn't actually a citizen?

VERONICA: How clever of you.

KRISTEN: Apparently, not clever enough!

VERONICA: So, your parents...

KRISTEN: They're alive. I've merely been disowned, excommunicated. Couldn't get over the fact that I refused to get into the medical field.

VERONICA: That's a little harsh.

Kristen laughs bitterly.

KRISTEN: Tell me about it. They really know how to hold a grudge.

VERONICA: By the way, I met your boyfriend. Talk about your eye candy, whew!

KRISTEN: I know, huh? And he's a writer to boot. It's so incredibly endearing!

VERONICA: In other words, he's not very good at it?

KRISTEN: Honestly, I wouldn't know. He's rather secretive with his work. Like a squirrel hoarding its nuts. Simply adorable! But that's okay, because I've obviously got issues I'm hung up on as well.

VERONICA: You two sound genuinely happy together. How does Logan fit into this?

KRISTEN: He's pretty much the epitome of all the boys I used to have crushes on that wouldn't give me the time of day... Though I've got to say, he's a lot more introverted and sensitive that I would have expected from a guy like him.


KRISTEN: Do you really? I want you to know that absolutely nothing happened between the two of us. The last thing I need is to get listed as a sex offender. And even if I threw caution to the wind and pursued him, how could anything develop when he's practically devoted himself to you?

COMMERCIAL: "Tired of endlessly searching for a mate over the internet? Or subscribing to costly local dating services? Maybe you should try investing in a mail-order bride! Comes in inflatable plastic, life-like silicone, or Russian!"

Veronica arrives home, where Keith is lying in wait on the sofa.

KEITH: Guess who I ran into today?

She cringes.


KEITH: No. Yes. We'll get to that later.

VERONICA: Then who?

KEITH: Don Lamb.

Her face falls.

VERONICA: Oh... okay.

KEITH: Were you ever going to tell me about it? When did this happen?

VERONICA: Does it really matter?

KEITH: I knew something was wrong when you cut off your hair, gave your clothes to Goodwill and basically underwent a complete personality transformation. But I just chalked it up to your friend's death, your mother leaving and...

VERONICA: Those all contributed.

KEITH: I thought that staying here in town was the best for you despite everything that happened. At least, It was supposed to be better than bouncing from place to place the way I did as a kid. You know, Orange County's offering twice the pay Balboa is. And it comes with a fully furnished house.

She turns around.

VERONICA: What? You never brought this up!

KEITH: That was because I'd originally planned on refusing. But think about it, Veronica. An actual house! With nice furniture and running water and everything.

She stumbles towards the exit.

VERONICA: I... I've gotta go.

Cut to her knocking insistently at Logan's yacht.

LOGAN'S VOICE: Hold your horses, man!

He opens the door, blinking in disbelief.

LOGAN: Veronica?

VERONICA: My... my dad found out.

LOGAN: Huh? Found out about what?

VERONICA: Shelley Pomroy's party. Everything. Except for Duncan.

LOGAN: Oh my god, Veronica.

He ushers her inside.

LOGAN: Are you... are you okay?

VERONICA: It's funny. I was just driving around in circles and somehow wound up here. You're the only person I've ever told about what happened that night... Well, besides Wallace. But he's out of town and I didn't know where to go so...

LOGAN: You came to the right place.

She smiles gratefully at him.

VERONICA: Thank you. So what were you doing before I barged in here?

LOGAN: Getting ready to sleep?

She lets out a snort.

VERONICA: Yeah, like I'm gonna believe that one.

LOGAN: Can I get you anything to drink? Hot cocoa? Apple cider? Warm milk?

She grins at him.

VERONICA: Cocoa would be great, thanks.

He goes to the kitchen and returns a few minutes later with two steaming mugs.

LOGAN: Here you go.

She gives it a dubious poke.

VERONICA: That's an awful lot of foam. Are you sure it isn't like, cappuccino?

LOGAN: Hey, I just dump in the packet and add water.

She sips cautiously.

VERONICA: This is mocha.

LOGAN: Mocha cocoa?

She rolls her eyes.

VERONICA: Mocha latte! Oh well, it's not like I'll be able to sleep anyways.

He brings out a flask and grins.

LOGAN: Wanna make it Irish?

She hesitates, then shrugs.

VERONICA: Oh, what the hell.

Cut to them settled comfortably in front of the fireplace.

VERONICA: So now that your mom's returned, how come you haven't moved back?

LOGAN: No curfew here.

She glares at him.

LOGAN: Alright, she still hasn't contacted me yet. Maybe she's making a clean break from that part of her life. I've spent these past few months thinking she was dead, I don't need her now.

VERONICA: Logan...

She touches his shoulder and he turns away.

LOGAN: Just drop it, okay?

She sighs in resignation and suddenly notices his collection of instruments.

VERONICA: Hey, I know what'll cheer us up! Play me a cheesy, tone-deaf rendition of a Top 40 ballad?

LOGAN: Ah, bad music... The answer to all of life's troubles that is, hrmm?

He takes a guitar and carefully tunes it.

LOGAN: Okay, here goes.

"And I'd give up forever to touch you
'Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't wanna go home right now
And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your light
Well, sooner or later it's over
I just don't wanna miss you tonight
And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's meant to be broken
I just want you to know who I am"

LOGAN: And... that's all I've learned so far.

He clears his throat.

LOGAN: Earth to Mars. Come on, say something.

She starts to babble.

VERONICA: Wow. That was... And you've been playing for how long now?

He raises an eyebrow at her.

LOGAN: Is that a polite way of saying "you suck"?

VERONICA: Of course not! That's from my favorite movie of all time City of Angels! When Nicolas Cage goes hitch-hiking in the rain to see Meg Ryan's character... Oh god, I love that scene!

LOGAN: I remember.

They stare at each other, then start to make out passionately. She eventually draws back, breathing heavily.

VERONICA: Why is it that every time we try this, it never works?

LOGAN: Random coincidence? Bad timing?

VERONICA: ...Fate?

LOGAN: Is that what you believe?

VERONICA: Yes. No. I don't know, maybe?

LOGAN: There's nothing holding us back now.

She looks away, anguished.

VERONICA: Logan... my father wants us to move.

Fade to black on his stunned expression.


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