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VeronicasSecret's Journal

10th January, 2006. 12:00 pm.

Title: "The Wizard of Neptune"
Word Count: 2,143
Notes: Apologies in advance! Blame it ALL on the hiatus... or possibly crack.

He's a friend of Dorothy'sCollapse )

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31st December, 2005. 12:00 am.

Song: "Forget December" by Something Corporate
Characters: Veronica/Logan
Episodes: An Echolls Family Christmas and Clash of the Tritons
Size: 12887 KB
Notes: Well, they were supposed to air in this order anyways... This is the first (and will probably remain only) vid I've ever made that isn't entirely *chronological* ...I might've amped up the effects a little in the hopes of not rehashing my last one too much ...These kids sure seem to dread the holidays, don't they? May be somewhat skewed towards Logan though... May your New Year be spent unsober and stab-free!


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18th December, 2005. 12:00 am.

Song: "My Dsmbr" by Linkin Park
Characters: Veronica/Logan
Episode: An Echolls Family Christmas
Size: 16963 KB
Notes: After watching the rerun last night, I was basically OVERCOME with waves of nostalgia for the way things were... and decided to try giving vidding another shot! The image quality seemed a little frightening, but hopefully that was only on my end... This one has more of a commiserating-over-the-holidays vibe than a *romantic* one, I guess... By the way, this is a faster remixed version from Reanimation!


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6th December, 2005. 12:00 am.

Title: “Logan Mars”
Word Count: 3,535
Notes: Does anybody remember this? Heck, I barely do. But I thought it’d be fun to revisit in light of the holiday spirit... Or, something like that. Apparently, I’d overthought things *way* too much for a first-person narrative. Still, it was both easier and more difficult to write than expected... Weird, huh? Briefly alludes to The Girl Next Door but the meat of it comes from An Echolls Family Christmas ...Are there any other episodes I should try backtracking? I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to do the next one justice.

Ho, ho, hoCollapse )

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22nd November, 2005. 12:00 am.

Title: "The Man Behind the Curtain"
Character: Sheriff Lamb (who else?)
Word Count: 3,021
Notes: Total change of pace for me here... Look out LoVe, here comes VerDonica! Hee. I've had this in my head for ages and now... it's practically canon! Since so many people have already written his backstory, I thought I'd try... turning it into a script? Ack. Plot, what plot? Ended up twisting some details here and there... It could stand to be a little darker and/or fluffier, I guess... Not sure how to classify this... Maybe it's more like an (embarassingly mediocre!) episode of Lost or something. Perhaps it needs... more cowbell voiceover? boring rant...Collapse ) As always, revising like a madwoman... Merry Thanksgiving, y'all!

Still waters run deepCollapse )

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10th October, 2005. 12:00 am.

Song: "Cry" by Mandy Moore
Characters: Veronica/Logan
Episodes: The Wrath of Con through Leave it to Beaver
Size: 24048 KB
Notes: I've been wanting to do this vid for the longest time... And now that I've FINALLY gotten a new computer, I can! ...Per usual, ended up with more versions than I could count (even a slo-mo one!) ...Some of them were also more literal about the lyrics (like with Logan "staring up at a dark grey sky" in Credit Where Credit's Due) ...And yes, I'm in complete denial about the whole VD thing!


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18th September, 2005. 12:00 am.

Title: "The New Girl"
Word Count: 3,465
Notes: I'd probably suggest reading this one after like, a week... Since that's how long it usually takes me to stop tinkering with most of my work (in one case, over a month!) So why even bother posting in the first place? I dunno, to prove that I'm still alive? Okay, I'll admit it... blabbity blah blah...Collapse ) AND OH MY GOD I MISSED THAT EMMY IDOL THING!!! By the way, there's actually scenes *without* Veronica this time around... I keep forgetting that scripts shouldn't be limited to a first-person perspective!

Welcome to NeptuneCollapse )

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9th September, 2005. 12:00 am.

Title: "The More Things Change"
Word Count: 3,800
SPOILER: Don't read if you haven't seen (or plan to see) A Trip to the Dentist and/or Leave it to Beaver (finale) yet!
Notes: I've been wanting to write a script ever since the finale and now that it's FINALLY September, I might as well! This is basically comprised of various odds and ends I've been wondering about lately... The REAL premiere will go in a totally different direction, I'm sure! you don't want to know...Collapse ) One version I wrote was a little too heavy on the details and the other... not so much, so this hopefully strikes a balance between the two! Sorry for the apparent lack of plot... I really suck at this Nancy Drew thing! As for the lengthy exposition, it was either that or "Previously on Veronica Mars..." I've extended several scenes... yada yada yada...Collapse )

The more they stay the sameCollapse )

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6th September, 2005. 12:00 am.

Title: "Ultimate Understanding"
Fandoms: Veronica Mars/The O.C.
Characters: Weevil/Ryan
Word Count: 100
Notes: Francis Capra (great-grandson to the legendary director of It's a Wonderful Life, among other classics) actually played Z, Ryan's buddy back in juvie.

Fish out of waterCollapse )

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1st September, 2005. 12:00 am.

Title: "Logan Mars"
Word Count: 3,700
Notes: Incorporates part of Lord of the Bling and other episodes (*cough* Return of the Kane *cough*) I couldn't fit into the last one, but the bulk of it's from Mars vs. Mars! I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank my little band of loyal readers (quality over quantity!) for their awesome support and maybe ask whether or not I should go do some that I've missed... For instance, An Echolls Family Christmas? Suggestions would be greatly helpful (and in my case, rather necessary!)

Digging a little deeperCollapse )

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